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I am at a stand still right now. I want to understand why I am so angry at this very moment. I have sacrificed so much to be in this position of underachievement I live with each day. Yet, I sit here wondering how I am going to approach my girlfriends father about the plating disrespect he shows me, with no emotion. Do I want to ask, what is the real deal here? From day one I have deferred my hopes and dreams to be with your daughter and try to start a life, giving up being the man I wanted to be, to be with your daughter and start a life with her because that's what she wanted. When I left home, I had plans that merely involved me fulfilling a lifelong dream, and living with whatever dealings came with that. I was taught growing up how to be a loner, simply because, all my friends were in the streets, and reality became judges and authorities being fed up with their activities and taken them from me. From that, came deaths that racked up to almost 3 a year. From grandma to uncles…




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Family Beach Day

Family Beach Day a Success #VeniceBeachDay

What is Life, #Cars and #Money

Man I have definitely seen my share of devastation when dealing with cars and money. What I will never understand about this planet, and the human species, is our willingness to be ignorant to the wellbeing of other humans, or ourselves. We have cars, made of metal and fiberglass, that we recklessly maneuver through society, never wanting the intellect necessary to feel for those whom we hurt because of it. We chase money and fame as if it carries a delight in which a life span elongate As a result of. All in all we fail to realize that all this means absolutely nothing to God's reality. I have seen the very men around me growing up, become rich, then end up back in the neighborhood to one day battle me for the same job I seek. I have seen billionaires in Forbes magazines go to jail, never to be sought out by upper society again.  I have seen drugs become a money making scheme amongst no other, only to have the leaders decenacrate before us. What's the world we have, if God&#…

Function of Society

This is what I see when I see Racism. People of color, being ran out of beautiful cities, simply because we don't have the education necessary to understand Economics at the highest level. When you take the easy money, the easy way out, you give up on generations behind you, and in the future. The way we pull away, is educating ourselves. Learning the ways in which this land operates. Stop protesting the injustice, instead meet injustice upfront with the funds and education necessary to fight it. See, all countries function on a system, we as people of color must one day understand how to play in this crooked system. We create wealth for everyone but us. Fashion, entertainment, economics. We being bamboozled by people using our hard earned income to rig a system that gentrifies our cultures. #ifWeDontHaveEducationWeWillAlwaysBeLateToThePArty

Summer Fun

Another Blessed Weekend in the books. #GodBless