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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

What is Life, #Cars and #Money

Man I have definitely seen my share of devastation when dealing with cars and money. What I will never understand about this planet, and the human species, is our willingness to be ignorant to the wellbeing of other humans, or ourselves. We have cars, made of metal and fiberglass, that we recklessly maneuver through society, never wanting the intellect necessary to feel for those whom we hurt because of it. We chase money and fame as if it carries a delight in which a life span elongate As a result of. All in all we fail to realize that all this means absolutely nothing to God's reality. I have seen the very men around me growing up, become rich, then end up back in the neighborhood to one day battle me for the same job I seek. I have seen billionaires in Forbes magazines go to jail, never to be sought out by upper society again.  I have seen drugs become a money making scheme amongst no other, only to have the leaders decenacrate before us. What's the world we have, if God's plan is never in play here. Why would he put so many shades of color, species, greatness, thought processes, if they all didn't belong in the pot of greatness. Where has greed played a role in wealth? Ever! Anyone who has become financially secured, needed someone in every aspect of commerce to believe, solidify, willing, create, and master their art for them. Apple is a superpower because people believe in it, buy it, invest in it, sell creations to it, prosper within it. Black people are the greatest species on the planet, not because they are first, it's simply because we are the most willing to become apart of the resolution, rather than the problem. We integrate ourselves in relationships, atheletics, corporate entities, universities. Never once willing to outlaw another to strive for greatness, but, yet, always willing to work within to reach the top. That's the right way, that's why I love my people. Unfortunately, the structure of the planet, the pursuit of greed, will never allow for that way of life to prosper. As with relationships, that's not normal. The act of being with one woman, was created to detour the mind to strive for greatness. Everything on this planet is an educated guess. When I try to help a stranger, pay it forward, I understand risk, but also realize God's rewards. That is the bottom line of life. Are you willing to live amongst the interpreted language of greed on earth, or will be willing to sacrifice for a chance to stay in God's, almighty creator of life, good graces. I am willing to sacrifice, for my creator believes in me. For my creator knows I now seek my purpose, outside of superficial human existence. My creator protects me because I love his creation, Earth, and everything that comes with it. My God knows I love him everyday, and my creator blessed me with guardian angels' up for task of protecting me through the fire, to come out on the other side having made this planet greater, one step better than it was before I was brought to life. For that, I praise the creator of Devin, as I move about respecting all, and living, loving life. I can't help the souls who hate, only simply be glad the earth is big enough for us all. Thank you

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Function of Society

This is what I see when I see Racism. People of color, being ran out of beautiful cities, simply because we don't have the education necessary to understand Economics at the highest level. When you take the easy money, the easy way out, you give up on generations behind you, and in the future. The way we pull away, is educating ourselves. Learning the ways in which this land operates. Stop protesting the injustice, instead meet injustice upfront with the funds and education necessary to fight it. See, all countries function on a system, we as people of color must one day understand how to play in this crooked system. We create wealth for everyone but us. Fashion, entertainment, economics. We being bamboozled by people using our hard earned income to rig a system that gentrifies our cultures. #ifWeDontHaveEducationWeWillAlwaysBeLateToThePArty

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